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About Us

Grace Home Staging came about from the experience gained from many years of designing, building and renovating homes and units and the desire to see the finished product look amazing.  ​

  • Owner Kathy’s beliefs and traits:

  • My home has and always will be my sanctuary.

  • I am meticulous about the suitable placement of furniture to create an unrestricted flow throughout a home.

  • I strongly believe that a home environment creates moods, behaviors and ultimately decisions. A home with a soft, warm, calm and inviting vibe will often create positive results and outcomes.

  • It is my vision to create this in the rooms I will be staging. My mission being that the seller gets maximum sale results in a quick time frame.

A Beautifully Staged Home not only shows how a particular house can be effectively configured with furnishings, but also how stunning it can look. Future buyers can imagine themselves moved in and good vibes flow, right from the first 10 seconds of an open inspection.

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